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Be sure and click the Calendars tab at the top of the page and check the EMHS Band General Calendar for upcoming events and rehearsal schedules!! IT'S ALL THERE!!! Check it often!


Band Parent Group on Facebook

If you're new to the EMHS Band organization, please take a moment to join the

EMHS Bulldog Band Parents group on Facebook. Maybe you don't like Facebook and you don't even have an account, but PLEASE reconsider. Everyone will be added to Charms (the email system) but when we're out and about, the Facebook page is the quickest, easiest way to get information out to you! You can create an account, make it private, lock it down so nobody sees ANYTHING about you, then request to join the Parent Page, which is closed to non members. Once added, you can receive notifications when new information is posted. You can also ask questions and share and see pictures from band events. It's really super cool! I promise! If you have questions about this contact Sheila Winn and she'll give you more details.


PARENTS & STUDENTS: Sign up for TEXT ALERTS by following the instructions on THIS PAGE

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